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Pellet Machine Dies

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  1. Pellet Mill Ring Die

    Pellet Mill Ring Die is generally mounted on transmission assembly and is required for processing different materials including wood, biofuel, & powder processing. It has been fabricated in different sizes & structural configurations using rich grade steel alloy to assure its optimum strength & high corrosion resistance. This die pelletizes the raw material & generates torque when roller teethes fit into corresponding die holes with the help of a rotary motor.
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  2. Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Die

    Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Die is highly appreciated for its even hardness, high wear resistance, and precise inner eccentric shaft. It is designed having a thick-walled circular assembly made of supreme quality alloy steel with carburized heat treatment. This mill die is required for making different sized pellets of powdered food & nutritional supplements for feeding birds, hens, & chickens. It can be availed in tooth through type, tooth no through type, & pass type configurations.
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  3. Pellet Mill Dies

    Pellet Mill Dies are required for processing biofuel, wooden, animal & poultry feed pallets of different sizes. They are fabricated using premium quality alloy metal heat treated to provide extreme toughness & wear resistant nature. These dies are circular in shape with plane, grooved, or ribbed outer surface. They can be availed in conical, collar, or front attachments and in cloverleaf, flat, or dragging teeth patterns.
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  4. Wood Pellet Ring Die

    Wood Pellet Ring Die is required for compacting the raw material into channels using rotating ring for palletizing purpose. It is a circular assembly installed in pallet press which uses powders as its feed. This ring die is mounted on transmission assembly made of supreme grade alloy metal. While rotating, processing ingredient is continuously fed into the pressing area where it is extruded from die hole.
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  5. Pellet Machine Ring Die

    Pellet Machine Ring Die works with the combination of rollers, torque generating motor, knife, and transmission assembly. It is comprised of numerous holes in its surface required for pelletizing continuously fed raw material which is mixed with suitable liquid. Installed in pellet presses, this die is fabricated using wear resistant alloy metal which is hardened with carburized heat treatment to assure its longer service life.
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